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Some Key Points Customers Focus On About Hip Bands

Nov. 13, 2018

1. Question: Is it sewn together or snap closure

Answer: It is one closed band. There's no snap or velcro. It does not ride up and down the leg and stays put when you are exercising with it.

2. Question: What's the difference between these and the other resistance band?

Answer: These offer a lot more resistance. The other bands are made out of a latex material so they’re more forgiving & stretchy, unlike this one.

3. Question: Do these resistance bands stretch out?

Answer: These are fabric bands with minimal stretch.

4. Question: Will this help me with inner thigh and outer thigh fat loss? I am looking for a good workout for the thighs

Answer: They will help to strengthen and tone your thigh muscles. You can't spot reduce fat, but by strengthening the underlying muscles and reducing body fat through diet and cardio your thighs will be more slim and toned.

5. Question: When you do lunges or raise your leg do they roll like bunch up?

Answer: They never roll up when I workout in my leggings, but they tend to roll up on my bare legs when I'm in shorts. That's also due to the fact that I'm sweating, and moisture is the culprit for the rolling up of the bands.

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