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What Are The Six Principles Of Practicing Pilates? (2)

Mar. 07, 2019

Here is Portable Pilates Manufacturer talking about six principles of practicing Pilates. 

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4. breathing Breathing

All movements have a breathing rhythm. Joseph Pilates advocates the use of the lungs as a bellows, which is used to force the air into and out of the body. Most of the Pilates movements need to be coordinated with the breathing, and proper use of breathing is necessary for the overall Pilates movement. Mr. Pilates sees it as a process of excluding waste and uplifting the body and mind. Proper deep exhalation and thorough exhalation are key. The correct breathing rhythm requires the practitioner to try to deliver oxygen to the muscles he needs, and when he exhales, completely empty the lungs. "Mr. Pilates believes that compulsive exhalation is the focus of breathing." He instructed people to squeeze air out of the lungs like a wet towel. Pilates breathing can be described as three-way breathing backwards and on both sides, that is, the practitioner deeply inhales air into the back and sides of the chest.

Portable Pilates

 5. precision Precision

 Each Pilates action is done for a "precise" purpose. In order to fully achieve the purpose of each movement, each part of the body needs to be in the correct position, and the entire body needs to be correctly aligned. Emphasis is on the precision of each movement, rather than on the number of plausible actions. In the end, precision should be the second instinct, and the simplicity and elegance of the action are brought into everyday life.

 6. smooth Flow

 Pilates pursues the elegance of the action in place, using the correct transformation between each movement to create the smoothness of the movement. Romana calls this "the least action", which we are all pursuing. Once the accuracy of the action is achieved, smoothness should lie throughout the action itself and between the actions to create strength and endurance.

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