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What Are The Six Principles Of Practicing Pilates? (1)

Mar. 06, 2019

Here is Portable Pilates Manufacturer talking about six principles of practicing Pilates. 

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Pilates Ring

1. Focus Concentration

The body is controlled by the brain. Physical and mental input, full concentration to complete the action can get the most benefit. The five parts of the required thinking are: Intelligence, intuition, imagination, will, memory.

2. Control Control

Control: "The Art of Control" is the name that Mr. Pilates has for his athletic system because the Pilates system is based on the concept of muscle control. No action in the Pilates system is arbitrary. In order to control every aspect of the action, you must concentrate on it. No part of the body is left idle. In each movement, the body muscles resist gravity and spring resistance, thereby controlling the body's movements and instruments.

Pilates teaches you to control your body rather than being bound by your body. No matter how the Pilates practice moves, muscle control penetrates every part of the body.

3. Center Centering

The power to complete the Pilates movement comes from the center of the body. Joseph Pilates turned the center into a "powerhouse". Pilates cores include the abdominal muscles, upper and lower back muscles, hips, buttocks, inner thighs, or foot fighter belts. Pilates moves from the core and then extends outward to the limbs. The core has a centerline that is behind the navel and spans from the hip to the lower edge of the rib. There are two lines running through the body, shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip. We call this a frame or a box. The stability of the box allows us to freely move from the core.

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