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What Is Tourniquet?

Jan. 23, 2019

Here is Tourniquet Suppliertalking about Tourniquet. 

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The tourniquet is constructed from medical polymer natural rubber or special rubber. It is milky white, flat and long, and contains a stack of things. It's strong flexibility and may be continuously extracted. Applicable to clinical associations in the routine therapy and treatment extract, blood, blood transfusion, one-time usage of hemostasis; or limb hemorrhage, emergency hemorrhage in the event of wild snake bite bleeding.

The utility model relates to a disposable tourniquet used in blood transfusion, infusion blood drawing and hemostasis in medical treatment. The continuous smoking disposable tourniquet is characterized by low cost, low financial burden and convenient usage, can reduce the labor intensity of medical care, improve labor efficiency, and avoid cross infection of germs throughout therapy, the disposable tourniquet The implementation has included a perfect preventative step to protect the health of doctors and patients.

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Medical Tourniquet

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