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Three Sports Equipment That Can Be Used In The Office

Nov. 29, 2018

Even if you want to go to the gym, but you have to work every day, the time is often not enough. In fact, it is better to choose some small fitness equipment, using on the work or lunch break and exercise in the office.

1. Foam dumbbell

Dumbbell operation is flexible and simple. It is an Ivy in the sports equipment. The foam dumbbells break the routine and are designed for exercising the chest back. It is a small fitness equipment that can modify muscle lines and increase muscle endurance. For those office workers who are inseparable from sports, they can prepare one at the office for emergency use.

2. Abdominal device

The biggest nightmare of the office family is that the lower abdomen is protruding. Because it is sitting for too long, this abdominal device allows you to easily lose the small belly while sitting, bringing the gospel to the big belly. The abdomen is ergonomically designed to maintain balance after sitting up, which makes the abdominal muscles firmer and the lower abdomen flat.

3. Balance board

The buttocks are the center of gravity of the body, but the support points of the sedentary family have long been on the chair, and the hips are drooping for a long time. It is a good idea to put a balance board at the desk to increase the dynamic balance of the body and improve the control to achieve the purpose of modifying the hips and legs.

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Foam Dumbbell

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