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The Necessity Of Using Ankle Support In Football

Oct. 30, 2018

Let's take a look at why it is necessary to use ankle support in football.

Due to the fierce confrontation of football, the two sides contacted, collided, suddenly reloaded or fell, the ankles were extremely twisted or trampled by others and the players fouled.

Stepping on uneven terrain or low-quality turf, the ankle joint is damaged due to the inertia caused by the poor depth of the agreement.

Sneakers are too large or too small, and the feet tend to roll or not level in the shoes.

Insufficient preparation activities, inattention, and effective ankle joint fixation, most of the ankle joint injuries are caused by improper training of the athletes or the use of support belts or support belts.

Therefore, it is necessary to use an ankle brace. The protection principle is to apply pressure to the relevant parts to improve the load-bearing capacity of the ankle ligament. The football ankle device consists of a cover layer, a baffle, a pad and an elastic sleeve. The sheet is made of a brittle material with a plastic liner and a spherical tab at the lower part of the dam. The effect of the ankle is very good. When the opponent moves, kicks or shovel, the shackles are broken or broken to absorb energy, thus playing a good role in protecting the sputum.

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