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Try with Every Kind of Resistance Band

Sep. 12, 2019

Notes on Resistance Bands

· While your bands are great to bring along when you travel to the beach, be sure to keep your bands out of the heat for extended periods of time. Too much fun in the sun will cause the elasticity to weaken, meaning they could snap...Ouch!

· Speaking of wear and tear: Like your favorite hair tie, resistance bands lose their holding power over time. So inspect your bands often for tears and holes and replace them as needed.

· When placing the band under your feet, be sure to always position the band in the middle of your shoes. Having it too close to the heels or toes increases the chances of it flinging off. Also, ouch!

· Lastly, choose the strength option appropriate for your fitness level and the muscle group you are working. Less elasticity is typically harder and more elasticity is typically easier. However, when using the pull-up band to assist in pull-ups, the opposite is true. 

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